The Process…

I was asked to explain my process for a speak, but it was not used for that so I put the pictures I took here instead.

1: My brief was to illustrate Adam and Eve from the Bible. First I´m working really quikly on sketches and often I do quite of lot of writing - but this depend on the brief.

"The Woman He punished by letting her give birth to her children in pain, and let her husband rule over her forever".

2: Starting up with the orginal first with pencil, trying to keep the rougness as best as I can. I´m using pen and black ink for the original line. Using pressure on the pen to get the uneven line.

3: My untidy desk never get better…hmm…that´s life. I got everything I need around me.

4: I scan in my drawings on high resolution and tiding it up in PhotoShop. I use the program FreeHand for the colours and I always use the Pantone colours for reference. I like the flat colour and the rough line - for a long time it was a bit of a mystery how I did my illustrations, and illustrations made with a computer are starting to be excepted now. But it is not long ago it wasn´t "the right way" - it´s good things changes.

5: Because I work as I do my work is ready for print and web I just export into the right format for the job. This was 3 x 3 meters wide and was shown on the Litteraturfestival on Lillehammer first and then at home of the Norwegian poet Herman Wildenvey.

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