Personal drawings for presents

DRAWING: A personal present from a friend to another about her birth on the living room floor with guidance from her husband, midwife and the parrot.

Lots of people contact me to make personal drawings for family and friends. I usually ask them to write down personal details or a funny history about the person. Write me an email if you want to know more!


Exhibiton in Newspaper Cartoonists House, Drøbak

The exhibiton opens Saturday 18th of April 2009, at 2 o´clock. Showing a little selection of prints and original drawings from Dagbladet through the last few years, all for sale. I have called the exhibtion for "Crocked lines - a play with words and drawing". Welcome!


Dagbladet with new layout

From this week Dagbladet is coming with a new layout. I was asked to do something a bit different - which is going to be work in process. This is the first drawing this Sunday, to text of Alex Rosén.