New Updated Portfolios

I have updated my pages on Association of Illustrators portfolio pages.
See result here!

I also updated my portfolio pages on Designbasen in Norway.
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Zig Zag - illustration for posters and invites

Every year I illustrate for Birmingham Contemporary Music Group for their music workshops for 8-11 year olds, the project is called Music Maze. And a music project for 12-16 year olds called Zig Zag.



Exhibition in Drøbak is over…

The Exhibtion in Avistegnernes Hus is over for this time. This time I showed work from the last few years in Dagbladet, mainly the Saturday ones - since the Sunday editorials are changing form in the paper. The selection was a mix of prints and original drawings in black ink.

Thanks a lot for all the help to Erik de la Forest and Vigdis Volden that runs the house for Follo Museum!


The Process…

I was asked to explain my process for a speak, but it was not used for that so I put the pictures I took here instead.

1: My brief was to illustrate Adam and Eve from the Bible. First I´m working really quikly on sketches and often I do quite of lot of writing - but this depend on the brief.

"The Woman He punished by letting her give birth to her children in pain, and let her husband rule over her forever".

2: Starting up with the orginal first with pencil, trying to keep the rougness as best as I can. I´m using pen and black ink for the original line. Using pressure on the pen to get the uneven line.

3: My untidy desk never get better…hmm…that´s life. I got everything I need around me.

4: I scan in my drawings on high resolution and tiding it up in PhotoShop. I use the program FreeHand for the colours and I always use the Pantone colours for reference. I like the flat colour and the rough line - for a long time it was a bit of a mystery how I did my illustrations, and illustrations made with a computer are starting to be excepted now. But it is not long ago it wasn´t "the right way" - it´s good things changes.

5: Because I work as I do my work is ready for print and web I just export into the right format for the job. This was 3 x 3 meters wide and was shown on the Litteraturfestival on Lillehammer first and then at home of the Norwegian poet Herman Wildenvey.


Sunday Drawings for July…so far

About the good summer memories!!

About finding a car on internet - everything does not look like they do on the pictures!

P.S: I don´t know where this will take me - I´ll try not to judge myself to much and then just move on to the next image. The paper wanted me to play with new ways of working, but for the moment it probably is a bit all over the place.

Animation with Art in Schools Project

In May 2009 Drøbak Cinema I was one of the animators to get 8 year olds to understand more about animation, and they did VERY quickly! The workshops was with The Norwegian Arts in schools, Den Kulturelle Skolesekken.