Interview with FRILANSINFO.NO

Gunnlaug is this weeks freelancer on the website www.frilansinfo.no.

Read the interview:


Solo Exhibiton av Eiker Gårdsysteri

1st of May Gunnlaug has been invited to have an exhibiton at Eiker Gårdsysteri in Hokksund. The theme will be happy cows. The exhibiton will containe drawings, paintings and print for sale. More information to come.


Exhibition in Larvik Kunstforening

Avistegnerlauget (The Norwgian Newspaper Illustrators) is exibiting in Larvik Kunstforening 5th of April 2008.
The opening is 2 o´clock, and everyone is welcome.
A seminar about freedom of speach and the Mohammed illustraions with VG´s cartoonist Roar Hagen will also be part of the program.

Series of illustrations for The Guardian

Gunnlaug has been comissioned to do a series of illustrations for the English newspaper The Guardian. The first illustration is in the newspaper Friday the 23rd of February in the FAMILY section.


Interview in The Spanish Magazine D-ARTE

The Spanish Magazine "d-arts" interviewed Gunnlaug for the Summer magazine 2007. More to read on their website. The illustration about the abortion was the one they were most shocked with. (Gunnlaug is not sure what the article says, her Spanish is a bit rusty).