BCMG: Music Maze 2008/2009

Birmingham Contemporary Music Group is for the 5th year running using Gunnlaug as their illustrator. The projects has mainly been the Music Maze, but this year a new groupe called the ZigZag, for 14-18 year olds, has been started as well.

'...the top notch Birmingham Contemporary Music Group...'
The New York Times - 2008

Visit the new website www.bcmg.org.uk to view BCMG’s latest activities, book online, download learning resources and much more.

Kunst rett Vest 2008

Kunst Rett Vest main exhibiton opens Thursday 11th of September, at 19.30. Place is [arena] Vestfossen.

All the open studios is open the weekends 13-14 of September and 19-20 of September, time 12 to 17.
More on the indivdual artists: www.kunstrettvest.no

The council in Nedre Eiker will arrange a social gathering for the local businesses to meet and talk to the 5 artist that live in the council. More information on the councils website.


Regular Illustrator for The Guardian

From July 2008 Gunnlaug is illustrating once a month for The Family Section in the English newspaper The Guardian. The articles are responses from the public on different issues that the paper writing about.


Illustrations For New Book of Dagbladet´s Writer Hallgeir Opedal

Illutrations from Dagbladet´s Sunday Magazine has become a book. Hallgeir has written a petit every Sunday and all the text and a selection of illustrations has become the a book that will be released in fall 2008. The publishers is Samlaget Forlag.


Fairy Tale Exhibiton on Villa Fridheim

All the illustrations from Princess Märtha Louises fairy tale books are going to be exhibited this summer at Villa Fridheim, Krødseherad, Norway. The illustrators are from all over the world and are illustrating fairy tales from their homeland.
Gunnlaug has one illustrasion/drawing at the exhibiton.
The exhibiton opens 12th of May.

Kunst Rett Vest 2008

Gunnlaug is in this years Kunst Rett Vest, open studios and exhibition in the West region of Norway (the area west of Oslo).
More info to come on details

Opening of Exhibition 1st of May

The solo exhibition is opening at 2 pm on Eiker Gårdsysteri Thursday 1st of May. The cows are let out at 12 noon. There will be games and real "cow" waffel´s served in the cafe. Everyone is welcome for a nice day on the farm!


Interview with FRILANSINFO.NO

Gunnlaug is this weeks freelancer on the website www.frilansinfo.no.

Read the interview:


Solo Exhibiton av Eiker Gårdsysteri

1st of May Gunnlaug has been invited to have an exhibiton at Eiker Gårdsysteri in Hokksund. The theme will be happy cows. The exhibiton will containe drawings, paintings and print for sale. More information to come.


Exhibition in Larvik Kunstforening

Avistegnerlauget (The Norwgian Newspaper Illustrators) is exibiting in Larvik Kunstforening 5th of April 2008.
The opening is 2 o´clock, and everyone is welcome.
A seminar about freedom of speach and the Mohammed illustraions with VG´s cartoonist Roar Hagen will also be part of the program.

Series of illustrations for The Guardian

Gunnlaug has been comissioned to do a series of illustrations for the English newspaper The Guardian. The first illustration is in the newspaper Friday the 23rd of February in the FAMILY section.


Interview in The Spanish Magazine D-ARTE

The Spanish Magazine "d-arts" interviewed Gunnlaug for the Summer magazine 2007. More to read on their website. The illustration about the abortion was the one they were most shocked with. (Gunnlaug is not sure what the article says, her Spanish is a bit rusty).



Norwegian Breakfast TV

Cesilie Tanderø was intervied on Norwegian Breakfast TV on Tuesday 22nd of December about the book "Så godt å se deg!" ( English title: "So good to se you!").


Welcome to a debate about friendship

11 of February it will be a debate about friendships with invited guests at the House of Litreature in Oslo. See more on website.

"Children as Witness for Violence" Cover Illustration for Treatment Manual

Cover illustration and design for a user a mauell that can help victims (mainly children) for domestic violence. Design inside is done by Tapir Publishers in Trondheim.


The Christmas Magazine for Avistegnerne

The Norwegian cartoonist and editorial illustrators has together published the the yearly Christmas magazine. Cover 20 illustrators from Norway and Sweden.

IMU Exhibition at Grafill Galleri, Oslo

The first members exhibition of Grafill Galleri opened 6 of December 2007. The exhibition showed about 80 framed pictures that covered some of the Norwegian illustration marked. We expected that it will be a yearly happening and over whole of Norway.

Illustrations for the Fairy Tale Book, Main Editor is the Norwegian Princess Märthe Louise

Editor for the three books is the Princess Märtha Louise of Norway. I have illustrated one of the Norwegian fairytales published in the first book. See more on the website from Bazar forlag/Publisher.

"So Good To See You!"

Book illustrations for the book "So Good To See You!"
Written of Cesilie Tanderø (Salsa Forlag/Publishers).
The book was released november 2007 in Oslo with 100 guests.

11 of February it will be a seminar with invited guests at the house in Oslo. See more on their website.


Mini Angels

Christmas Exhibtion at Uldlageret:
A series of 20 angels was showed at the exhibiton around the subject "Angels". I also made illustration after word that the audience suggested for me, from words like Doctor/GP Mini Angel to a Up Down Mini angel to Super mini Angels and so on. Still posibillites to order your own Mini Angel if you want, just contact me for an quote!!

In A Flying Dream…

Illustration for Dagbladet, one of Norways leading newspapers:
I illustrate editorial illustration twice a week for the newspaper, and have done this since 2000. More samples of what I have done is on my website.